Current Site Status

September 17,2019

National Grid’s contractor, Posillico Environmental, is implementing bulkhead barrier wall construction at the Fulton former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site consistent with the EPA approved design.   This project consists of the replacement of approximately 870 linear feet of existing bulkheads along the eastern side of the Gowanus Canal from the canal’s head end (at Butler Street) to the Union Street Bridge.  This replacement wall will consist of steel sheet piling with an anchored support system which has been designed to serve as both an environmental barrier and support for the EPA’s planned canal dredging and capping remedy. Mobilization began on August 28, 2019 and barrier wall construction is expected to occur over an approximately 12-month period.  Community air monitoring and construction monitoring for vibration and movement will be conducted throughout the project.

Recently Completed Activities

  • Clearing and grubbing of Parcels VI (242 Nevins Street) and VII (228 Nevins Street)
  • Installation of perimeter construction fencing along Parcels VI and VII
  • Installation of air monitoring equipment
  • Installation of vibration and movement instrumentation at Parcels I, VI, VII, and head end of canal
  • Removal of bulkhead fencing along Parcel VII
  • Mobilization and setup of office trailers
  • Utility surveys

Ongoing Activities

  • Preparation of staging and laydown areas on Parcels VI and VII
  • Installation of decontamination pad, entrance exit/exit wash station
  • Installation of soil erosion and sediment controls along Parcels VI and VII
  • Baseline readings for air monitoring
  • Baseline readings for movement and vibration monitoring at Parcels I, VI, VII, and head end of canal
  • Baseline readings for noise monitoring
  • Delivery of certain construction materials
  • Pre-condition surveys

Upcoming Activities
Once mobilization and site preparation is complete, the process of constructing the barrier wall will be initiated.  The first steps will involve pre-clearing the wall alignment of debris and other potential obstructions within the canal.

Community Air Monitoring Plan Summary

Air quality monitoring is being performed consistent with the Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) for the Fulton Site using a MiniRAE 3000+ PID for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and TSI Dust Trak DRX Dust Meter. No VOC or dust levels above background have been detected to date.

Contact Information

National Grid will provide updates as the work at the site proceeds.  For more information, please leave a message on our hotline at (718) 982-7349 or email us at

Website Update Information

National Grid will provide regular activity updates during construction of the Fulton barrier wall.  During the mobilization and site set-up phase, these updates are being provided on an approximately bi-weekly basis.  Once barrier wall construction is underway, these updates will be provided approximately weekly.  All updates will be archived under the Key Documents tab of this website.

September 5th
Filtrexx SiltSoxx Placed along Temporary Fencing on Parcel VII.

September 5th
Installation of noise monitoring equipment.

September 13th
Office Trailers on Parcel VI.

September 10th
Photo No. 13: Total Station Install on 479 Degraw Street.