Update September 2018

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Tie-back Soil Anchor Field Test:

National Grid will be performing soil anchor load testing for the Fulton barrier wall project at the Parcel 6 property located at 242 Nevins Street starting the week of December 11th.  The work is being conducted in conjunction with the EPA’s design review process for the Fulton barrier wall.

The purpose of the test is to confirm the engineering design assumptions that were used for the Fulton Barrier Wall Preliminary Design that was approved by EPA on November 14, 2017.  The work will involve drilling and installation of three tie-back soil anchors utilizing drilling equipment that is similar in size to the drill rigs that have been previously used for the Fulton Remedial Investigation work. The length of the soil anchors for the load testing is approximately 45 feet deep.  Similar anchors will be used to help secure the barrier wall when it is installed. Community Air Monitoring will be performed during the drilling work. 

After completion of the soil anchor installation work, each of the soil anchors will be tested to verify their actual load capacity. The results of the load test program will be used to support the completion of the Fulton barrier wall design.   The anchor load test field work is expected to be completed in December 2017, depending on the weather conditions and other field conditions that may be encountered during the work.