Weekly Update – Week Ending July 10, 2009

Remedial Investigation

Remedial Investigation field work resumed in late May at the former Fulton Municipal Works MGP as part of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)-approved Remedial Investigation Work Plan (RIWP).  The work includes the installation of soil borings, monitoring wells, test pit excavations, and soil vapor points to gather information required to determine the nature and extent of impacts within the footprint of and adjacent to the former Fulton Municipal Works MGP.  National Grid continued to pursue access to complete the remaining proposed RI activities.

Based upon the preliminary findings of the RI completed to date, National Grid and NYSDEC have agreed that additional off-site  investigations will be needed in the vicinity of the MGP.

Activities June 29 through July 10:

  • A survey of RI installed locations was completed
  • Collected soil vapor and ambient air samples
  • Completed the installation of monitoring wells.
  • Monitoring wells were pumped to remove sediments

Future (two week look-ahead) activities:

  • Continue preparations for off-site investigations
  • Commence off-site investigations week ending July 24