Update, October, 2008

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) conducted a Site Characterization of the Fulton Municipal former MGP site in 2007. As reported in the NYSDEC’s Fact Sheet announcing the start of the Remedial Investigation, during the Site Characterization “coal tar contamination was not found at or near the surface of the ground, but was found in soil borings in the subsurface soils at depths below 7 feet. Soils less than 7 feet below ground surface were not found to contain tar contamination. Because of these depths, human exposure to coal tar contaminants by routine users of the park, workers involved in park operations or people in the surrounding neighborhood is not expected. Exposures to construction or maintenance staff could occur during intrusive subsurface work that reaches to depths.” National Grid has completed the first round of field work to gather information for the Remedial Investigation in Thomas Greene Park and is now completing access agreements with owners of the other properties to conduct field work at those locations.