About the Fulton Municipal former Manufactured Gas Plant Site

Gas used for cooking, lighting, heating and commercial purposes was manufactured at the Fulton Municipal Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) from approximately 1879 through the early 1930’s. Historical records, while incomplete, indicate that two different companies may have operated the plant before it was sold to Brooklyn Union Gas, a predecessor to National Grid. The plant used coal and petroleum products to create a flammable gas which was piped into the surrounding neighborhoods. After the property was sold by Brooklyn Union in the late 1930’s, it was subdivided and now has multiple private owners and uses, including commercial operations and the Thomas Greene Park owned by the City of New York. National Grid is responsible for the investigation and remediation of the site because it was operated by a predecessor company at the time the contamination occurred.

This website provides information on the Fulton Municipal former MGP Site, the Remedial investigation of the site, and opportunities for public participation. National Grid is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment, always seeking ways to minimize the environmental impacts of our past, present and future activities. We hope this website, a part of our public participation and outreach efforts, is helpful and informative. If you need additional information or have suggestions to make our website better, please contact the individuals listed under Contacts.

Site News and Updates

Hotline Number Update

National Grid is committed to keeping the community informed of any activities at the site. We will continue to post updates on this project website. Please note that the National Grid Hotline for the Fulton Municipal former MGP Site has changed. Any questions pertaining to the site can be posed by calling the new number at (718) 982-7349.

pdf Fulton Works Fact Sheet, April 2015

National Grid is committed to actively updating neighbors of the Fulton Municipal former MGP site as soon as information becomes available. Updates will highlight the work being done on and near the site, and provide an outlook and schedule for upcoming projects, including information about activity that may impact normal community activities.

All previous site updates will be located in the Key Documents tab under the Report Archive section.

Current Site Status

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) issued the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Fulton former MGP site in July of 2015. The ROD is based on the March 2015 Proposed Remedial Action Plan (PRAP) prepared by the NYSDEC, and the results of the Remedial Investigation and the Feasibility Study that was completed for the Site under NYSDEC supervision.

National Grid also completed the Pre-Design Investigation field work in 2015 to support the Fulton barrier wall remedial design.  The Remedial Design Work Plan (RDWP), which includes the  30% barrier wall design, was approved by NYSDEC  in January 2016 for the Fulton Former MGP Site.  National Grid is continuing to progress the Remedial Design for the project in coordination with the NYSDEC and the EPA Gowanus Canal Superfund Site, including the City of New York’s siting of the CSO tanks.